ZAE GEAR UNITS : 14th August, 2017

ZAE gear units are universally installable high-performance gear units which satisfy the quality requirements of ISO 9000. All ZAE standard units are designed as gear motors and as gear units. Worm gear units, bevel gear units and worm spur units are available with exposed input shaft or made suitable for mounting an IEC motor. Helical worm gear units are also available with exposed input shaft and as a gear motor. For especially low speeds, the modular system design allows units to be combined at any time into double gear units or as necessary into double gear motors.

Available gear unit’s variants are foot-mounted, flange-mounted (not bevel gear units) and hollow shaft designs with and without torque brackets. Shaft mounted units with hollow shafts are available either with feather key or shrink-on disk connection (not bevel gear units). All worm gear unit variants, up to size 125, can be fitted upon request with an integrated safety slip clutch.

ZAE gear motors are available in many design variants. Besides standard motors, there are brake motors, motors with separately driven fan or thermal sensors, to name only a few examples which are available upon request. If installing “increased safety” motors EExeII and “flameproof enclosures” motors EExdII, then please contact us at Combidrive with your enquiries.