Type CSK is a sprag type freewheel integrated into a 62-series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). It is a bearing supported, delivered grease lubricated and protected against dust of more than 0.3mm. The use of additional “nylos” type seals is recommended especially when the working temperature exceeds 50*C. Oil bath lubrication is also possible if the original grease is first flushed out using a suitable solvent.

Torque transmission is ensured by a press fit assembly into a rigid outer housing with N6 tolerance and onto a shaft with n6 tolerance. The initial bearing radial clearance is set at C5, and is reduced if using the press fit as specified. One race may be glued. If both races are glued, performance will be reduced or a C3 bearing clearance will be necessary.

Operating temperature range: -20*C to +100*C. Peaks of up to +120*C are acceptable for short periods of time. Please contact us for higher temperatures. Also available with rubber seals (2RS). CSK..2RS is a 5mm wider but is equipped with lip seals to be water splash resistant.